By Emma Plumb -Goodbye to the Cambodian Tiger

Tigers are probably my favorite animal. They are incredibly majestic, solitary predators with distinguishing orange and black stripes. However it seems that tigers are functionally extinct in Cambodia, a region that has historically been home to thousands of the big cats. The indochinese tiger no longer has a breeding population in the country, and activists are hard at work to reintroduce the species into the wild. They plan to first introduce stricter laws against poaching and habitat loss, as well as making sure the tigers have plenty of prey animals before reintroducing captive species to the area. Cambodia is one of 13 countries in the world that indochinese tigers inhabit, and the world population of the species is dwindling at just over 2,100. It is tragic that these majestic animals have been subjects of poaching and habitat destruction to reduce their numbers so much. Hopefully through the work of local governments and environmental groups the indochinese tiger may again roam free in Cambodia.




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