A Future for Big Cats

I recently came across a video regarding the National Geographic Society’s “Big Cats Initiative”. This video talks about how the number of big cats in the wild is decreasing rapidly. This includes lions, tigers, cheetahs, and leopards. National Geographic Society is helping bring awareness to this issue by supporting scientists and conservationists working to save these animals. The problem that drove this initiative is that big cats are being threatened. For example, there is as few as 3,000 tigers, 7,500 snow leopards, 10,000 cheetahs, and 30,000 lions that remain in the wild. The reason the number of big cats in decreasing is because of habitat loss and degradation as well as conflicts with humans. The solution is to fund on the ground research and innovative conservation projects to protect the planet’s top felines. So far the National Geographic Society has supported 64 innovative projects to protect 7 iconic big cat species in 27 countries. They have also built 1,000 bomas to protect livestock, big cats, and people. Above is the video which explains its initiative and describes what is happening to the big cats. 




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