It’s “Love a Tree Day”!


After researching recent environmental news for my last blog post, I came across a cool fact.  May 16 is National Love a Tree Day!  Trees are everywhere and it is so easy to get out there and appreciate every one of them.  They provide food and shelter for animals and building material for us.  They create shade, block traffic noise, and soil from eroding.  The best way to celebrate trees is to just get out there and enjoy what we have.  Actually hug your favorite tree.  Trees have been known to actually improve concentration levels, depression and stress.  After you hug your favorite tree, try to find out what type of trees are around you.  By looking at their leave you can see if they are the same or different.  You could also adopt a tree and track its growth throughout the months.  It could grow so much over the course of a year!  But make sure to give it some love by watering it extra during dry times.  Maybe even plant some more trees!  It’ll absorb carbon dioxide and give out more oxygen.  It’ll make your neighborhood more beautiful and offer homes for other organisms!  Another way to show your love for the green community, is to promise to buy a real christmas tree this Christmas.  After the holidays you can replant it and keep it alive or donate it to a tree organization that helps keep plants alive.  We have a lot to be thankful for and trees is just one part of it.  So let’s get out there and enjoy them specifically today!!!




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