Too Hot to Handle

Unsurprisingly, this past April has the highest recorded temperatures than any April in the past. This record-breaking April is just one of the seven other months that have broken the records of being the hottest months in history. The past two years have been the hottest on record since 1880, which alludes to danger for our planet. The rising temperatures can trigger extreme weather and climate change, and most habitats and ecosystems will not have enough time to adapt to the hotter temperatures. However, the rising of temperatures is becoming a popular trend, so ecosystems must attempt to prepare themselves for one hell of a ride. It was not until October that scientists were able to determine whether or not 2015 would be the hottest year in history, but scientists have been able to determine at this point in time that 2016 may just top last years temperatures, making this year the hottest year up to date. El Nino has contributed to the rise in temperatures as well as industrial plants, but scientists believe that these two factors are not the only factors in the equation. Now, the world is left to worry what the future holds.


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