Trees Not Towers

When I was younger, and from time to time, my mom would have our family take hikes in the local woods. In my town, Sudbury, we have about three maybe more forest areas in which people walk. Recently in my town I have been seeing these signs and posters plastered with phrases such as, “Trees Not Towers”. I did not really know much about this topic, so I talked to my mom and did some research. This protest, called Protect Sudbury, is a fight against the corporate deforestation in my small town.

The company Eversource presented the idea of cutting down an eighty-foot wide field of trees and in it’s place, putting hundred foot poles carrying high-voltage transmission lines. The Massachusetts Energy Facilities Seating Board wants to ensure, “a reliable energy supply for the Commonwealth with a minimum impact on the environment at the lowest possible cost”. This is a funny and ironic statement because the low price of this project comes at the cost of the environment. In addition to concerns about deforestation, many people have spoken about their worries surrounding ideas such as possibly the health impacts of Eversource’s pesticides use plan, the effect of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from the transmission towers, the impact on home values and abutter rights, protected species that inhabit the forests that will be affected by the plan and more.

We have learned in and outside of class the negative impacts that deforestation has on our environment. Deforestation drives climate change, strips away habitats for animals, interferes with the water cycle and more. Although these impacts are remarkable to the environment, another devastating fact of this plan is that the appearance and character of my town would be changed forever.

It saddens me deeply to think that my small town could be taken over by a large company, determined to destroy the habitats of many and the natural beauty of the land. It is even more remarkable to me to think that on my drive to school everyday, that instead of passing trees I would be passing huge towers. I am very pleased that there are organizations such as Protect Sudbury working tirelessly towards stopping this plan.

If you are interested in getting involved or reading more about this topic, below is the Protect Sudbury website and it has a bunch of interesting blogs to read. A lot specifically on the negative impacts that this plan, if implemented, would have on the landscape and animals inhabiting it.



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